Services – times and places

Normal service times has resumed, as follows:

Ostend: 10.30am
The English Church in Ostend (Langestraat 101, 8400 Ostend) has been fully restored and has been rededicated by Bishop Robert in November 2020.

Bruges: 5.30 pm
St Peter’s Chapel
‘t Keerske, Keerstraat 1, 8000 Bruges, Map

Kortrijk: 10.30am (every last Sunday of the month)
Sint-Jan Baptistkerk
Sint-Jansplein, 8500 Kortrijk, Map
(NB. We use the chapel inside the church and the entrance is at the back of the building)
Visit the Kortrijk church’s Facebook page here

Knokke-Heist: 5pm (every first Sunday of the month)
St George’s Church
Zoutelaan 77, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Map

For all enquiries please contact Reverend Augustine Nwaekwe:

The English Church, Langestraat 101, Ostend, 8400